Revealed: the proven freelancing framework that allows you to…

Decide Where And How Much You Want To Work
And When And How Much
You Want To Earn

(Even If You Are Starting And Don’t Have Previous Freelancing Experience)

Presenting The Freelancer Profit Manual

The method used for over 166+ people… to get four and five figures… retainer clients… on demand

It’s a fact:
For most freelancers, the hardest part is getting and retaining clients.
I know how it feels.
Before I could travel the world doing what I love I struggled with that too.
Now, if you have two minutes...
On this page I’m going to show you:
Why freelancers fail with their client acquisition efforts.
And how you can solve that once for all.
But before we start…

Let Me Warm You

What you’ll see here has nothing to do with:

● Sending hundreds of cold emails
● Using LinkedIn bots with fake profiles
● Selling your soul in freelancer marketplaces

Neither is related to:

● Pyramid schemes
● Begging people for money
● Or making bank without lifting a finger

What you are about to see is a proven and easy method that lets you

Choose Your Clients and Get Paid

With this method, you crack the code on getting and retaining clients.
And then…
You can do whatever you want with your time and your money.

● Quit you 9 to 5 (or never having one)
● Work from the beach
● Build new businesses
● Retire your parents
● Really… anything

Because one thing it’s clear:
The internet allows any person, in any place, to create their dream lifestyle but…

There’s a Lot of Confusion

You find lots of guys lost in the noise…
Without knowing what to do.
But hey, It's not all bad news.
I mean:
Some guys can see clearly through the chaos, because...
While you’re struggling to get cheap clients…
Who doesn't respect your work and your time.
There’re many freelancers who are less experienced…
And less skilled than you…
Closing high-paying retainer clients and delivering amazing results.
And if you wonder…
“How those freelancers can do that”
Let me explain to you.

The Problem With Some Freelancers is This:

Those guys who never close a good deal are only focused on:
Their service, the tools, and the trends.
Ignoring that beyond all those things...
There’re some crucial elements most people miss all the time.
Ok, it’s not their fault.
After all, it’s something few talk about openly on Twitter, YouTube…
And even in those expensive courses.
All the winners of the freelancing game have those ingredients.
Let’s call them:

The Inner Weapons of Freelancing

That’s a set of subtle but powerful strengths.
And can change the way you operate as a freelancer (or as an aspiring one).
These strengths are the secret behind the success of the winners.
You know:
The guys who always post their wins and receive public vouch and praise…
Well, those guys are maestros of the inner weapons.
They know how to exploit it.
Many got those strengths after years of trial and error (as me).
Others are lucky guys who naturally just get it.
The point it’s that when you master the inner weapons of freelancing...
You become the kind of guy or gal who…

Attracts Clients Effortlessly

Over and over.
But there is something else.
Because the lack of those inner weapons creates an endless loop of trouble.
Making struggling freelancers self-sabotage themselves.
Maybe you have seen it.
Sometimes after lots of effort, a struggling freelancer finally gets a client.
But then suddenly his “luck” vanished.
That’s why struggling freelancers live in a constant drought of income.
Some even feel they don’t deserve the clients they want.
They always start from square one.
Without clients, without a system, and no money.
I have been there too:
Lost in the confusion, with the noise of the gurus pitching this and that…
Fortunately, life is simple.
And the things that get the best results always are the simplest and deepest.
Not the trendiest and noisy new thing.
That’s why I created:

The MoneyBag Method

A framework that combines and reveals all the secrets of the freelancing success.
This framework doesn't depend on one-shot tricks...
That stop working as more people apply them.
Forget about saturation and other myths.
You’ll take advantage of timeless principles that have worked...
And will work regardless of the platforms or the trends.
Things always change.
Now, what never changes are the mechanisms of human behavior:
And anybody can exploit those deep mechanisms with the inner weapons of freelancing…
To find prospects, talk to them, and get paid for delivering services.
It’s not about tools, complications, and nonsense.
It’s about converting you into the kind of guy or gal who can get clients.
And with this method
You’ll be able to find clients and close deals in almost any place.
Having coffee, training in the gym, or traveling abroad…

Here’s a Small Peek of What’s Inside:

● What you really need to be a successful freelancer.

● An instant way to build rapport and get paid without manipulation. It doesn't matter if your network is small, or if you don’t have testimonials.

● How to avoid the trap most beginners’ freelancers fall.

● The element that gives you instant credibility with ease… no matter what services you want to offer.

● The easiest productivity technique ever. (Hint: isn't what you're thinking).

● Why cold email can get you in serious problems and what to do instead.

● How anyone can make it as a freelancer with an anonymous profile. (Do this and make clients respect you. Mess up it and pay the consequences).

● The ‘game’ I always use to maximize my clients’ conversions.

● Moves you can do with your money to increase it. (Aka making the money works for you).

Since I want you to win, here you find some bonus so you can play with unfair advantages.

Extra Cutting-Edge Freelancing Weapons

$0-$8k Per Month: how to map out your path from $0 to $8K (or to any amount you want).

Freelancing resources all the pros weaponize.

The Archetype Strategy: how to deal with different clients... and deliver your services... matching their tones, vision, and goals.

The Brand and Your Skill: advanced brand building strategies for freelancers.

My eBook: How to FIND CLIENTS (my "secret" to wowing first-time leads).

Lifetime access to the Freelancing Profit Manual Telegram Group. Talk, hang out and borrow wisdom from the best freelancers in their fields (in the $97 package)

The Price For You Today

Now maybe you’re wondering...
How many hundreds of dollars you’ll have to pay.
Look, this is a proven method that lets you close clients.
The average deal my students close with my system is $2,250.
But you don't have to pay thousands of dollars to get this framework…
Comparing the prices of other similar products…
(That even doesn't show you the inner weapons of the game).
The price of this method is $250.
But since selling courses is not my main gig...
(Hey, I’m a successful freelancer too.
This is not one of those courses where some bloke tries to teach you something they don't do).
Today you can have access to this course for just $75.
That’s way less than what you pay for only a month of any cold email tool.
And with this method, you get access to a timeline of content that you can use to set you free.

I’m 100% confident anyone can have a great life freelancing...
My students think the same

Here's what people say about my method

If you have some questions…

Here you find all the answers.

How’s the course?
The course is a full framework with 20+ constantly updated videos.
The students love the videos and say each module It’s like having a face-to-face conversation with a like-minded mentor.
(Nothing to do with those power-point videos you don’t know who’s talking).

Do I need a skill to start freelancing?
Ideally, if you have a skill, you’ll advance faster…
But if you don’t know any skill yet you can learn one from zero so fast... with the advantage:
You'll have experienced guides, and you'll make fewer mistakes than learning alone.

What else do I need to earn money as a freelancer?
All you need is this proven method, and the desire to live life on your own terms.
No, you don’t need fancy tools.
(I made my first $1k/month from a $250 Chromebook).
If you want to start to win 1000s today…
Take the chance now:

One last thing:

Freelancing it's one of the simplest ways to make money online.
If you follow this method, you’ll soon be earning thousands too.
It’s a fact.
And this is another truth:
Every minute that passes...
A freelancer less experienced than you… but with the right inner weapons...
Is closing all the clients that you want.
If you think about the potential and the endless opportunities that await you...
Money, contacts, free time...
And amazing experiences that 98% of the people even never dream about.

You'll see that $75 is a symbolic price.
That’s what keeps you away from the clients and the life you deserve.
If you’re willing to take the leap
Here you get the proven system to change your reality.
The choice is yours…
If you want to live the MoneyBag Way…
See you inside.